Camp Information

The purpose of Camp Cadet is to provide an insight into police training and the functions of a police officer. This program is a true-to-life experience patterned after municipal and state police training. Participants in Camp Cadet gain an understanding of and a respect for the law, and build a positive relationship with police officers.


Most importantly, in the process, they learn more about themselves. They are challenged by classroom instruction and physical activities. There is an emphasis on self-discipline and teamwork. Working with other cadets brings a sense of pride and accomplishment. Counselors are addressed as “SIR” or “MA’AM “.


The program is NOT a recreational camp, nor is it a disciplinary camp for problem youth. The camp is designed to bring a better understanding of law enforcement activities. Cadets will make new friends and learn to work as part of a team. The disciplined training fosters a positive attitude, which helps many graduating cadets attain goals they once thought unattainable.